Service League of Manitowoc County

A Network of Women Volunteers Building a Better Community


Service League values and appreciates the work of all of our members, past and present, who have made a difference in the health and welfare of Manitowoc County.  We take pride in all we do and provide helping hands throughout the community!

Our Mission

Service League of Manitowoc County is a network of volunteers operating under a flexible structure, both individually and as a large group, that focuses on serving the ever changing needs of our community.  We pursue volunteer activities that provide for the social well being and education advancement of the residents of Manitowoc County.

Community Grants

Members review the community grant applications and assist in selecting the recipients. 

Additional information including the application and a list of recipients can be found here.  

College Scholarships

Members review the high school scholarship applications and interview selected finalists.  They also present scholarship to recipients at the high school award night celebrations. 

The 2017-2018 school year application & information can be found here.